MTW Book Reviews #12 and #13


Book Review:  Addressed to Die FOR (A Maggie McDonald Mystery #1) by Mary Feliz


screenshot-2017-01-24-22-10-58Addressed to Die is about a family that moves into a favored deceased aunt’s home only to find a dead body inside.  This is not the introduction that the family had thought they would receive to their new house, especially since they had inspected the house  prior to arriving.  While the family, is camping out in the barn, the detectives are conducting an investigation in the house.  The move just did not go as planned for professional organizer Maggie McDonald!  On top of it her husband’s business calls him out-of-town and Maggie is left to solve the case, get her boys settled in school and repair the house as it is constantly broken into during the investigation.  Fortunately, Maggie meets some wonderful neighbors who help her out and get her settled, but what an introduction to a new town.

My Opinion and Rating of 4.8

This was great, an intact family who pulled together while acting like a real family.  I know it isn’t exactly grammatically correct, but oh well!  I just really enjoyed the book and couldn’t wait for the next book.  The characters are wonderfully written and so human!  It was just a great read!  Well, paced, organized and flowing!

Book Review:  Scheduled to Death (A Maggie McDonald Mystery #2) by Mary Feliz


screenshot-2017-01-24-22-12-08A new client who Maggie McDonald shares with her realtor friend as their prepare the house for sale.  Another dead boy and the boyfriend, Professor Lincaid Sinclair doesn’t really have an alibi.  It doesn’t help that he is scattered and you’re typically confused professor!  The house is surrounded by gardens whose main gardener expects to get the house from the dead woman, Professor Sinclair’s fiancee. However, she isn’t the only suspect, there are several people who would want the good Professor dead and are upset that they got his fiancée,as she is quite popular.

My Opinion and Rating of 4.6

The rating is a little lower, but the book was still great.  I really like the animals in the story, they really don’t have anything to do with the murder except that each of the main characters have one dog.  I got a little confused at one point because I wasn’t exactly sure how woman died and had to go over one more time, but otherwise it was a good story and it was nice to learn a little more about Orchard’s police department.  I really think everyone who starts the book will stay with it to the end!!

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