Book Review: Gemini by Ronnie Allen Mystery Thriller Book Review # 15



Barbara Montgomery, who is a school psychologist by day and a stripper by night. Montgomery seems like such a normal person, and isn’t that how everyone is desribed prior to a severe emotional meltdown.  She has one and Dr. John Trenton is tapped to provide an analysis while Montgomery is being held in a gemini-shotseventy-two hold.  However, she breaks free from the institution and goes on a violent, killing rampage  that targets not only the people who she feels has caused all of her problems (i.e. abuse within the foster care system), but anyone who is trying to stop her from completing her plan. This plan includes the NYPD, who are trying to stop her from killing anyone.  In addition, Dr. Trenton, his wife and their adoptive son, they recently rescued from the foster system is included in Montgomery’s vendetta, which is very sad.

Summary and rating of 4.0 stars

The book is a debut Book by an Ronnie Allen.  Ms. Allen  worked with children in the public school system.  As a result, she has the background information and experience to write a story about such an individual.  I wish that the story had been written as a psychological thriller with a less graphic information, but others may like the this writing style.

This was a difficult book for me to read because I have worked with children who have been so damaged by the system that was supposed to care for them.  The system has grown ups who cause more problems for the students; The “foster parents” have caused more issues through the abuse that no one can possible understand. The social workers sometimes don’t pay attention to their children once they are placed.  In addition, the abusive individuals hold such power of these children that they are rarely caught and punished, because the children who are making the allegations are often in the system because of issues of their own and their guardians. It is very scary, because these children are then tossed out of the system when they are eighteen.

My daughter and I recently had a discussion about nature and nurture, concerning individuals who kill.  The main question we discussed was “Is the mental illness already in place or did the environment cause it?” and “If the mental illness already in place, how can it be resolved?”  Read this story and see if you find the answer.


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