Let’s Salute the Week!


This week has a lot of stuff packed into it!  Mystery Thriller Week begins next week, February 12, 2017.  I will be hosting an hour of live time on Facebook twice between February 12 – February 22, 2017.  To tell you the truth I am a little nervous!logo1

Benjamin Thomas, a follower on my blog asked to me to participate and I honestly didn’t think it would encompass all that it has!  By that I mean that I have learned a lot during this time frame.  In addition, Ben, Vicki and Sherri have done such a great job in putting this all together.

In addition to the two Facebook live hours, I have promised two guest blogs during the time frame and there are several author interviews that I will be posting on my blog during the Mystery Thriller Week. I just need to complete everything.

As you can see there are a lot of events happening on my blog during the next couple of weeks.  However, there is a lot going on during the 10 days, of Mystery Thriller Week. The organizers have completed so much and provided so much information, blogs and interviewers, plus some great prizes.  I hope that you have the time blocked off and are ready to learn and read a lot during this time!!


This year I followed Storystorm, referred to in the past as PiBoMo.


The idea is to think of 30 picture book ideas during one month.  The various titles and short synopsis will be listed in a google doc so that I can begin the process of writing the stories.  I summarized the blog posts for each of the days during Storystorm and they really provided some great ideas.screenshot-2017-02-05-20-52-49-png

The blog posts were completed by writers and illustrators, the illustrators gave me some really good idea, although I am not much of illustrator, but I do like the provide illustrations for my writings.

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