Banana Cream Pie Murder by JoAnna Fluke

I look forward to each new entry into JoAnna Fluke’s Hannah Swensen’s series for the following reasons:

      • it is based in Minnesota
      • Relatively honest in it’s description of Minnesota
      • I like to bake

I was excited to find other books that JoAnne Fluke’s had written, which have, in my opinion, have an Alfred Hitchcock’s twist to them. Now I have noticed that Ms. Fluke has been putting those “Alfred Hitchcock” twist last few  Hannah Swenson’s books, especially this one “Banana Cream Pie Murder.”


Hannah’s mother has found a dead body.  screenshot-2017-02-05-21-51-15-pngThe person is her neighbor a well-known actress who has retired and moved to Lake Eden.  Consequently, Hannah receives a telegram  from her family while she is on her honeymoon with Ross Barton, which is about the murder and her family will celebrate their return from the honeymoon.  Hannah and Roos took a 7-day honeymoon, which by all accounts was very romantic and wonderful for both of them.  Upon returning, Hannah and Ross find that their condo  has been completely transformed, new furniture, new entertainment set, and some new clothes to replace Hannah’s old clothes.

In addition, Hannah has a new investigation that Ross fully supports and Michelle help with the investigation. Ross is not acting like besotted new husband, he encourages Michelle to stay in the Condo, he  leaves for York to complete a story on the dead actress, and he communicates with her using the cell phone. What is going on with Ross?

My opinion and a 4.0 rating

The aspect of this book that I found interesting was that if you took out Ross and the murder suspect, the book really would not have changed that much in any form.  However, the last chapter provides a weird ending.  Really, I miss Audrey, the middle sister who has some really interesting ideas to the investigation, but she just shows up at a family dinner.  I, also, miss Norman’s contribution to the investigation. You need to read this book and the next book in the series, so that we will find out why the ending happen the way it did.

This ARC was given to me by Kenningston via Netgalley for an honest review.

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