Book Review: A Stone Killer Mystery Thriller Week #16

The organizers of Mystery Thriller Week have provided quite the series of events within the time in February 12 – 22, 2017.  I will have a variety of book reviews and author interivews.  Those of you who are following my blog know that I have already started the process.



Rock shop owner Morgan Iverson’s reclusive neighbor is blown to bits.  However, Morgan and her neighbor’s granddaughter do not believe that this was an accident, but she is not quiet sure whether he was killed because of the hunters.  This is book three in the Rock Shop Mystery series.

Summary and a 4.2 rating

This book has a lot of familiarity in it!  I live in  Colorado and all of the characters are very familiar.  They could be my neighbors when we go up to the cabin.  This is the thrid book in a series so I feel like I have missed something in the beginning.



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