Book Review: The Red Door Mystery Thriller Week #17


Mystery Thriller Week is fast approaching and I am getting a bit nervous.  This event is just getting more and more fun!  I have been trying and oing so many new things throughout this process.


Rosalind believes that she is being watched by the mysterious resident in Number Three. She is the new owner of a Sydney mansion and the man she believes that is watching her share the same name of the two teenage sisters who were killed.  The time frame is 1983 so there isn’t the amount of forensic investigations that are available in todays world.

However the unsolved crime is really getting to her and taking over her life  to a degree that consumes her.

Summary and 4.0 rating

I watch Investigation Discovery channel a lot, so I watch the older stories of crime solving prior to all of the forensic investigation. So the old mystery was interesting, but I am not sure how I felt as Rosalind as a investigator.  I do think that the book has an interesting story and the writing is very  descriptive, but the events are kind of disjointed in areas.  All in all, it is a good read and I did enjoy most of it.

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