Book Review:  When the Morning Comes Mystery Thriller Week #15

The books and authors of Mystery Thriller Week have introduced me to a number of different styles of the mystery genre.  While I have been a little young for some of the books I really can’t say that I don’t like the books.




Samantha Patrick has it all!  A husband she loves and a wonderful life.  l Andy is one of the good guys, whose  love saved her from the nightmare that happen 30 years ago. However, Sam feels like her nightmares have come back to caught her. Andy will protect her, but the awful incident of the past is there and it is not going away.

My opinion and 4.0 stars

This is not exactly a cozy mystery.  In addition, I am little young for the violence that is illustrated in this book. I understand why it is there, but as I have said it is a little too much for me.  It is sad that this situation could be ripped from the headlines.  The painful secrets of the past are so sad, but there is healing at the end. 

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