Let’s Salute the Week!

This has been a functional week!  Mystery Thriller Week begins today!!!

The week has been a lot of about firsts; Not only did I schedule several posts so that I wouldn’t worry about not getting them completed, but I posted a lot for Mystery Thriller Week.

logo1   I hope that you have enjoyed the posts for these authors and their books.  I know I liked reading most of them.  It was interesting to see that some of the books were from authors I haven’t read until this point or interviews from authors I really knew nothing about until this point.

In addition to posting on this blog, I set up the Pinterest board for Mystery Thriller Week.  It is my first group board and has been quite the learning experience. screenshot-2017-02-05-21-40-20-png

I hope that you have been checking it out and keeping up with all of the varous posts and books that so many people have been writing.


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