Tailored Murder at 221B Baker Street

Watson asked, “Jeeves, it’s interesting that you neglected to mention that pre-existing business that needs to be completed prior to the distribution of the will.  Why is it you neglected to mention this information?”


“I didn’t know that Rumsfeld had to sell the tailoring business or that Chastain had rung up gambling debts,” he stated while polishing his nails.  “There is still quite a lot left, but in either case I will never see it.”


“Really,”  Sherlock interjected, “Why is that?”


“Because my mother, Charmlemagene will get it before I do,” Jeeves answered, “Knowing her, it will be all spent by the time she’s dead.  Even if there is any left, I don’t get anything right away, if ever.”


“You don’t think your mother would set up a trust or share with you any of the final assets of estate with you?”


“Not a penny?” he responded.  “She hasn’t given me anything at his point in my life, why should I expect anything from her now?”


Sherlock and Watson looked at one another and silently communicated the thought that there was more to this than Jeeves was stating.  At this time, however, they had no proof.


“Very well, Jeeves,”  Sherlock said as he stood up.  “We will discuss this matter again. Very soon.”
After that pronouncement Jeeves stood up and left the office.

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