The Art of Vanishing (#2 Lila Maclean Academic Mystery Series) by Cynthia Kuhn

The Art of Vanishing (#2 Lila Maclean Academic Mystery Series) by Cynthia Kuhn


Lila Maclean is a member of  the Arts Week committee, “Arts Week is actually called ‘Twenty-First Century Arts and Culture Series during which notable individuals taught the-art-of-vanishingworkshops and gave creative readings or lectures.”  The committee is brining in Damon Von Tussel.  Mr. Von Tussel, is, to say the least, a diva.  Lila is put in charge of making sure that he shows up at their event.  She calls her Mom for help, who just happen to have a previous relationship with him and knows how to get a hold of him and help Lila.  Finally, her mother arrives  to support her daughter and Damon.  The story discusses various level of plagiarism. The least of when a student “borrows” various sections from the internet to support a paper for class. The highest level involves a very popular book and the Arts Week.  Now who is causing all the problems?

Summary and a rating of 4.7

I really enjoyed this book. The subtext of plagiarism throughout this book was very interesting and though that Ms. Kuhn wove it into the story is a well defined manner.  This topic comes up frequently in topic in some academic circles.  I do a lot of writing and some of the subtopics are “is it plagiarism when you pay for a paper to be written?”  “How much is plagiarism and how much I forgot?”.  This book touched on it as part of the mystery.  The books enjoyable and as with her previous book, it was true to the academic community.  I really enjoyed the book!

The ARC was given to me by Henery Press via Netgalley in return for an honest review.

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