Let’s Salute this Week

This is a new week.

I read three books this weekend and one of them was By John Maxwell . He discussed how we must learn from our fallers and keep on keeping on.  I have been experiencing failure in all of my careers since I have moved here.  Those failures have always been someone else’s faults.  No matter what I was not to blame.

Great philosophy if it’s true, most of our failures are our fault.  Some our are 100% our fault.  I have come to realize my issues are the result of fear, lack of faith and diligence.

Change does not come in a day, it comes in years.  Satan wants us to fail and fail again.  That is why when you are making gains he hits you hard.  He hits you through all aspects of your life, through your children, family, jog, money.

It won’t be easy, but the next five years will b interesting!

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