Let’s Salute the Week

screenshot-2017-02-26-21-07-53IT has been a month!  I have done a lot of writing and researching this month due to the number book reviews, interviews and face book discussions.  I have also learned a lot through this process.  It involves an incredible amount of time, tools and networking to complete this process.  In addition, my hat is off to the organizers (Vicki, Benjamin and Sherrie) of the Mystery Thriller Week!!

Now:  They awarded me with an award, super excited about that!!

img_0442 Isn’t this great!  I thought so which is why it will be part of my blog.


My check list is made, my items need to be completed and now I need to work on my blog a bit more so that my new followers will stay and it will attract more people who will comment and make it very interactive.


Have a great week!!!!!


P.S. still need to meet for the coffee!!



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