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Most of the books that I read are mysteries, however I do like women’s fiction and historical novels.  The books do need to have a Christian slant, aka a moral compass.  I don’t really like reading books where the individuals are checking out each other’s body parts and then exploring them in the bedroom.  Not my thing!

When I read a book, I like to get hooked right away but I will read into the third chapter just make sure, then I will put the book down and think about reading it later that week.  In addition, to a lack luster entry, the middle.  saggy middleOh man the middle, I mean some authors seem to just want

  •  begin the ending
  • add a bunch of unnecessary material
  • ramble
  • provide unnecessary information or in the case of series revisit the previous book

This is my biggest pet peeve in a book AND they don’t just occur in one type of book, almost every genre has them and almost every author has at least one book that has this saggy, baggy middle.

Please look at the middle and if I every write a book like that cite this blog as a my come uppance.  So what to do?  Well I have down a bit of research that I hope will help resolve this issue.

  • Sagging middles are generally the result of weak structure.
    • make the first two-thirds of your novel as structurally sound as the ending.
  • Some writers suggest adding a climax; a new character or a boomerang
    • see the first statement, make sure whatever you add keeps the novel structurally sound.
  • Do something different; but make it part of the story

There is a theme, no matter what you do as you are writing keep the middle interesting!!





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  1. You might enjoy The High Cost of Flowers by Cynthia Kraack. It’s great fiction and it’s clean.

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