Old Books

I have put a new album up on my Facebook page for old books.  These are books that we found in my mother in laws house.  She has a lot of nursing books, medical books, investments books you name it.  This is a field that I find very interesting! Finding old books has been a passion of mind.  I will be putting them up on the Facebook page as time goes by;  I have found a few interesting facts about old books:IMG_20170331_161004.jpg

  1. Clay Tablets
  2. Papyrus
  3. Wax Tablets
  4. Parchment
  5. Printing Press
  6. E-Books

I have been learning a lot about the history of books, especially with the invention of the printing press.  I, I did not realize how much the invention of the printing press impacted the history of the books AND the invention of the technology.  So I will be putting  this in with the reviews.


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