Let’s Salute the Week

Camp NaNoWriMo and other Writing Groups

Presently I am working to finish critiquing the manuscripts that I have not completed over the past few months.  In addition, to committing myself to a writing challenge of sorts, several family and friends have died since December.

Camp NaNoWRiMo will begin on April 1, I didn’t do such a great job in November, however I have been playing with an idea and the working title is RV Mystery Series.  I am looking forward to putting it down on paper , I am have had it in my head for a such a long time, now I need to put it on paper.Screenshot 2017-03-31 19.51.58.png

Also, in March there was a Research for Reading that I glanced over, but I plan on going over and making comments. Screenshot 2017-03-31 19.54.57.pngA former critique writing group member has the Chapter Challenge going on and I am just going to have to drop out, it is not feasible.

Finally, it is time to go back to work!!! Spring break is over!


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