JD Robb

This is pseudoymn of Nora Roberts. The story (or truth) goes that Ms. Roberts is such a prolific writer that she wanted to write more books, but based on her contract she was held to only a certain amount.  Ms. Roberts and her literary agent decided to create a pseudoymn so that Ms. Roberts could explore her creative outlet in another genre.

Nora Roberts is basically a romance writer, a good writer, but her genre is basically romance.  JD Robb is derived from the first names of her two sons and part of her last name. I think it is great and according to my research, her literary agent  liked the name because it put all of her books together in one section of the bookshelf.

Personally, I am glad because I like the futuristic genre that JD Robb authors.  The premise that Eve Dallas, an abuse survivor and the top cop of the NYSPD and her husband, Roarke, a self-made billionaire who sprung for poverty and is also an abuse survivor.  The two of them solve some very interesting crimes with the help of the friends (who are really their family) and these crimes bring out details from their past, impact their marriage and list some very interesting electronics.

I really like how JD Robb’s books flow together and I encourage people to read the series.  There are over 44 books in the series at present time and they seem to be published every six months.

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