Definition of E-book: A Kindle

I like my Kindle.

My husband bought it for me for Christmas when they were first sold.  I gave that one to my Dad and upgraded ever since that one. NO one paid me to write this post!

I was diagnosed with cancer in 2009, the Kindle came to every medical appointment.  I would read it while I waited, and I waited a lot.  It was a lot easier to wait with the Kindle than it was to wait with two children.  Now I have a small version of the Kindle.

However, I can put my Kindle app on my iPad and my Mac.  My books come with me wherever I go and when I get tired of reading (Gasp!, yes tired) the book saves my place, saves my book and lets me set up an audio so that I fall asleep listening to my story.  It was wonderful.

There are a lot of people who want the feel of the book between their hands as they read their book.  They want to mark their book, touch the pages, and have it with them at all times.  I get that! It’s probably one of the reasons I journal on paper and my Bible for devotion and reading; it is still a hardback.

However, I would like to point out that reading is still a hard skill for many people to master and the literacy rate is still low for older generation.  The Kindle has an audio component that will help people enjoy a story without stumbling through words.

There are more e-books out there, but I like the Kindle. I still bring it to my doctor’s appointments.

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  1. Sorry about your cancer dx, glad you best it and trust you continue to stay healthy and happy.
    I love my Kindle too. I had two Kobo e-readers, they both died, my Kindle is 7 years old and still going strong. I have switched to the Kindle and Kobo app on my 5.7″ phablet and read on the bus or waiting or lounging…

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