Let’s Salute the Week


This is the month that I swear doesn’t know what it wants to do as far as weather is concerned.  One day it wet, one day it is snowing, one day it is windy and one it ha all of the weather in the world.

This week will  be a interesting week, it will be full of differenting days and lots of work on my end.


I have learned that I need to be grateful for what I have, which includes a husband, two adult children and an extended family.  My brother, my sister, and myself are all nearing our 30 year anniversary.  Fact is my brother and sister have already arrived and we will be there this summer.

I have job that pays me money. It is in an area that I kind of like, but truth be told I would rather be developing curriculum material.

My children are alive and well.

My husband takes care of us.

Finally, we have the means to take care of ourselves.

Next Steps

The best thing to do is find the thing that makes you the most happy and find a way to make a living from it.




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