Book Review: Green House Mystery Series by Wendy Tyson


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Wendy Tyson is the author of the Greenhouse Mystery Series, the first of which, A Muddied Murder, was released in spring 2016 and Bitter Harvest which will be released in 2017.


Megan Sawyer gives up her big-city law career to care for her grandmother and run the family’s organic farm and café, where she expects to find peace and tranquility in her scenic hometown of Winsome, Pennsylvania. 

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Megan’s goat goes missing, then it rains to hard and her fields are muddy, she can’t get any  her business permits, and re modelling and sprucing up her family’s Colonial-era farm takes the majority of her savings.

When Megan doesn’t think things she will get any worse, she and the veterinarian discover the zoning commissioner’s body in her barn. Guess who is the number one suspect?  Now in addition to all of her other problems she need to find a killer before that killer strikes again.

Book Review equals 4.2 stars

This book is well written and I did enjoy reading it.  But it didn’t quite get 5 stars because it followed the formula a cozy mystery to a tee.  I think that Ms. Tyson has a great series on her hands and it will get better.

Bitter Harvest (Book 2)Screenshot 2017-04-10 21.26.50.png1

Megan Sawyer has lived in Washington Acres a year and the café has become a hotspot for localse The veterinarian is making house calls, (hint, hint, nudge, nudge)  All is going well and just as Oktoberfest is about to start, the town’s pub owner is killed. However, Megan is the one who thinks it is more than an accident

Book Review and 4.5 stars

I did like this book a bit more and think that Ms. Tyson has written a great sequence to the Muddied Murders.  You will enjoy the book!!


Upcoming book in Fall (2017) Seeds of Revenge

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