Let’s Salute the Week

3889857112_397a330fe5_oHappy Easter Everyone!

The cross in the middle is for Jesus and two thieves on either side.  All of should be like the one thief who asked and was granted forgiveness!




ar130660222030629The weather here in Colorado has been very interesting, normally April is the second snowiest month of the year.  Not really this year, but I will say that the soil is drinking in the all of the moisture it can get.

This week I will be posting several book reviews by a few of my favorite authors, I hope that you like them as much as I did.  Some of the books have been out for a few years, while others will be released in a few months.

In addition, I will be catching up with my social media skills and the writing skills.  I really appreciate the fact that the number of followers have been growing and declining over the past few months, it makes my heart warm.

It is Easter, the time that our Lord died so that we could be wiped clean and enter Heaven.  I hope everyone has a good week and great Easter!!!!

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