Let’s Salute the Week with………Weekends, Writers and Animals


Good day to everyone and good evening to everyone!  The work week will begin in 10 hours and for some of you it has already begun, have a great Monday!

Weekend and Animals

weekendWe spent the weekend up at the cabin.  It was beautiful!  We were greeted by a Marmin who ran out from underneath our cabin.  Right as we were unloading our truck a gray coyote showed up.  This animal, this wild animal barely gave us a glance as he sniffed around our neighbors house and then dug underneath their woodpile.  It to my husband shouting at him twice and then he just looked at us and walked away.    All weekend we heard them around our cabin, up the mountains and down the cr
eek and by the lakes. 

Today I passed three groups of deer on the way home.  But no moose sightings or bear sightings.  We used have a bear that greeted us each weekend as we arrived at the cabin, but I haven’t seen him, probably a her since my husband saw some cubs early in the morning, since last year.


wikipedia source,

This blog was going to be an outlet, a place for me to write my book reviews.  I had been doing that and thanks to a guest blog I got a follower who invited to a fun February event.  As a result of that event, my Pinterest followers and blog followers increased (more so, my Pinterest). 

The writers I “met” through Mystery Thriller Week  taught me a lot.  I realized that my blog writing skills were less than stellar.  It has also been an interesting fact that some of the books that I have been reading have taught me some things about blog writing.    The two areas have let me know that I need visual, visual, and good grammar skills.  I also learned how to schedule posts in advance.

Many of the writers I met are not “friend” on my writers Facebook account.  It is very exciting.  While I ant to keep my followers and increase my master writers followers, I would like to meet some more mystery writers that are out of the cozy mystery. selection. So we’ll see!

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