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Lynn Cahoonlynn cahoon is one of the few authors where I have read most of her books and the only author where I discovered her books on Netgalley. It wasn’t until I did some researched and realized that Ms. Cahoon has some other books that I have not read.  That does not mean that  I have not thoroughly enjoyed her books and get very excited everytime I see that she has a new book that needs to be reviewed. She currently has two series that I have read A Tourist Trap Mystery and A Cat Latimer Mystery.

As a result, I have realized that I need to et her books reviewed and make sure I get her reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.  The other two sites where I regularly review books.

A Tourist Trap Mystery

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  1. Guidebook to Murder    2014
  2. Mission to Murder    2014
  3. If the Shoe Kills    2014 
  4. Dressed to Kill    2015
  5. Killer Run    2015
  6. Murder on Wheels    2016
  7. Tea Cups and Carnage     2016
  8. Hospitality and Homicide    2017
  9. Killer Party    2017  not yet reviewed

This series consists of 8 books.  The main character is Jill Gardner.  Jill moved out of the city to South Cove, California. Jill makes a new friend, Miss Emily in the first series.  Miss Emily dies and leaves her estate to Jill.  Now Jill has a home, a business and a mystery to solve, actually several mysteries as there are eight stories to read.

A Cat Latimer Mystery.

  1.  A Story to Kill  2016
  2. Fatality by Firelight 2017
  3. Of Murder and Men 2017

There are currently three books in the series, about a young woman who marries the love of her life.  He dies and leaves the house and some money to her, which surprises her considering the nasty divorce.  However, as time goes she discovers that there was more to their divorce than she had originally though of at the time.  It is a mystery that is sublime to the other mysteries.

In the next few days, I will be posting reviews for these books. . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .

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