Teaching/Working ONline

Today I had my first foray into teaching online.  I have been filling out a lot of applications for remote work.  I am a online learning specialist, but I have been looking for other things so that I can get more experience in other online arenas.

Interview lessons learned:

I was interviewed for and English language teaching job.  It was a good experience and I hope I get

the job.  However, even if I don’t I did learn a few things during the interview:

  • teaching online is definitely different than in person teaching
  • requires more preparation, because some of the materials I used needed to be larger.
  • the “I Do, We do, You do” format is much different.  The modelling requires more practice.
  • planning also includes practicing it online so that visual aspect can be seen ahead of time and problems can be eliminated in advance.
  • teaching online and presenting webinars are not the same
Reflecting on the lesson, I don’t think I impressed my interviewer, but it was my first time out, so I hope I am interviewed again.  However, I don’t a lot, because I do want to teach online.
My Reasons for Online/Remote/Virtual Work

My husband and I own a cabin in the mountains that we want to move to and live it at least six month of the year.  It is not a place where I would feel comfortable commuting to work everyday, especially since the commute is all down hill.  IN addition, there are are several  animals that I would have to share the road with in the morning and at night.  Plus, remote work would mean that I can stay in the house, take a walk during the noon hour and when 5:00 comes I don’t have far to go.  
Plus, we also own a 22 foot RV with a slide and a outside kitchen.  We have met several people who live and work full time out of their RV, plus I watch a lot of RV shows.  The main thing we would need would be a cellular enhancer.  This would give us the time and travel we both want to have in our life.
Learning more and more about technology will really help me with this goal!

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