Book Review: A Story to Kill

A Story to Kill by Lynn Cahoon

lynn cahoon 4Synopsis

Cat Latimer, a former English professor,  is back in Colorado, hosting writers’ retreats in the big blue Victorian she’s inherited. She has turned it into a bed and breakfast.  It was an  extremley interesting surprise, because it is from none other than her carousing ex-husband! Now it’s an authors’ getaway!
The bed-and-breakfast is open for business, and the guest from the first retreat are arriving.  One of them is bestselling author Tom Cook who is among its first guests. Cat doesn’t know why he came all the way from New York, but she’s glad to have him among the quirkier—and far less famous—attendees.

Cat’s high school sweetheart Seth, who’s fixing up the weathered home, brings on mixed emotions for Cat…some of them a little overpowering. However, her uncle, the local police chief, whom she’ll call for help when there’s a surprise ending for Tom Cook in his cozy guest room. Will a killer have the last word on the new life Cat has barely begun?

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