A Sherlock Homes Bookshop Mystery Series by Vicki Delany

Vicki Delany is a Canadian based writer who writes crime fiction.  She still lives in Body on Baker StreetCanada and is the author of several crime fiction. She is a best-selling author and the president of Sisters in Crime in Canada.




Elementary, She Read (Book 1)

elementary she reads


Gemma Doyle, a transplanted Englishwoman, has returned to the quaint town of West London on Cape Cod to get over a bad marriage to a cheating husband.  In West London she co-owns with her Great Uncle Arthur’s Sherlock Holmes Bookshop and Emporium and she also manages the shop on a day-to-day basis.  When Gemma finds a rare and potentially valuable magazine containing the first Sherlock Homes story hidden in the bookshop, she and her friend Jayne (who runs the adjoining Mrs. Hudson’s Tea Room) set off to find the owner, only to stumble upon a dead body.

Book Review and 3.8 stars

This was a different type of cozy mystery for me, at first I wasn’t sure exactly what to think about the book. The story, however, got better as I read through the story.  I finally realized what kind of character she was and people treated her the way they did.  In addition, the people who were her friends WERE HER FRIENDS.  Her former boyfriend is a police detective and I got the feeling she and he had feelings for each other, but their personalities were just so different from one another.

It is a good book, an interesting book.

vicki delany (Book 2)


Gemma Doyle and Jayne Wilson are busy  (managing the Sherlock Holmes Bookshop and Emporium (which she co-owns with her Great uncle) on Baker Street and adjoining Mrs. Hudson’s Tea Room. Reanlta VAn Markoff’s assistant calls and asks Gemma to host her mother, who is Renalta Markoff, a hugely popular author, for a book signing with the illustrious with Renalta Van Markoff, author of the controversial Hudson and Holmes mystery series. A dedicated Sherlockian,  Donald Morris verbally attacks Renalta and her series for disgracing Sherlock’s legacy, only to be publicly humiliated when the author triumphantly lashes back and gains the upper hand. That is until Renalta collapses on the table—dead.

Book Review 4.2 stars

This book was much better than the first book, maybe it was because I better understood the main character.  The book was well written and if didn’t have a sagging middle, the whole book just flowed from the first page until the very end of the story.

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