A Little Support . . . A Lot of Hope

When I went to college I was was one of the few people, I knew,  who had not changed their major.  There was no doubt in my mind that I would always work as a teacher, an educator in some capacity. There was no question that I would use technology as I was an audio/visual worker in high school. I have dreamt about working as a preschool teacher, a special education teacher, or elementary AND I WOULD BE GOOD.

My dreams did come true, I have worked at each level of education with the exception of post high school education, but I have conducted professional developments for teacher, online and in person.  I have always been interested in technology and that is why when I renew my license this year I will add that endorsement to my license.

It is the end of the year!  It has been a tough year.    I have thought hard and long that there were ways I could manage each job, I could use technology.  However, since I was not the technology coordinator, I didn’t have administrative rights, which made it difficult, if not impossible to use anything that was not school issued.  The end is near.  We have rough 3 weeks of school left this year and I will not return next year.

I subscribe to a blog written by Vicki Smith and she provides links to wonderful sites. She has a site that I would like to be part of my blog, but I also like to give my opinion of various sites.

Finally, there are individuals like myself who are sad and happy to see the end of the year.  I will miss the students, this is the first year in a long time where students outside my classroom stop and say hi to me during the day.  Students from past years have stopped me; in a lot of ways it has been ego affirming that individuals know, like and remember me.  However, I have also lost co workers and relatives this year.  It has been a year for reflection. 
This blog will still be about technology, teaching and curriculum, but I want to acknowledge where I am and I don’t want to be teaching for the rest of my life in a public or charter school.

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