Book Review: The Adventures of Juice Box and Shame by Liv Hadded


Screenshot 2017-06-21 15.27.20The Adventures of Juice Box and Shame (June 25, 2017) is a follow-up to Hadden’s award-winning debut In the Mind of Revenge. In her latest installment, she and Malone illustrate the story of two unlikely friends caught in the middle of a gang feud. When loner Juice Box, an ever-eternal optimist meets Shame, full of despair and darkness, a friendship forms, but Shame’s dark past and nefarious entanglements get them both into series, life-threatening trouble. When Shame angers one of the most dreaded crime bosses in Baltimore – who also happens to be Juice Box’s cousin – Juice Box is torn between his love for family and his new, exciting friendship, forcing him to decide where his loyalties lie.

Book Review and 4.2 stars

The next adventure of Juice Box and Shame is a wonderful turn of events, based on a comment (see Author’s interview). There is still that sense of danger but with Juice Box at the center of this book. The reader will be laughing as you read his thoughts and getting a bit upset when he finds himself in trouble.

Juice Box doesn’t really have friends, which is why Shame is so important to him  He need Shame to stahis best friend.  This is probably why Juice Box and Shame get into so much trouble.

What is going to happen?  Will the friendship continue or will adventure create a rift between them?


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