Book Review: Indian Summer


Screenshot 2017-07-02 19.56.29Indian Summer by Marcia Willet


Some memories can be forgotten…and should be forgotten. Some memories just won’t . . . ever go away. Author Marcia Willett comes out with a magnificent new novel, Indian Summer.

Actor Sir Mungo, his quiet home village in Devon provides the perfect retreat. His brother and his wife live close by, which makes the rural location of his home the ideal getaway for his old friends in London.

Kit comes to stay for the summer, bringing with her a letter from her first and only love, Jake, and a broken heart.  Years have passed . . . and now he has written to Kit asking to meet again.

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A nice Marcia Willett story.  It’s like meeting up with an old friend, as I read the books. Her characters come alive and she describes the countryside and houses so you think that you  are there. Indian Summer is about a group who have been friends for years, secrets they keep from each other. A great read!


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