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Screenshot 2017-07-02 19.36.05 Writing a book review may sound easy and without problems.  However, there are issues can cause people to determine that this is not a good site to leave a book or give a book with the hopes of getting good book review.

Why do Book Reviews?

In may case, I wanted book the latest and greatest books without having to pay for these books.  I sent all my favorite authors a letter asking them to send me their books and in exchange I would present them with an honest review about their book.

  1. Advanced Copies of Free Books

    The books are great, sometimes, and sometimes they are not so great.  Also people I don’t even know request a book review.  Then they don’t like my reviews or the fact that sometimes I change them because of information I find out later.  Hence, the reason I have a review policy.

  2.  Always have a Book to Read

    This is definitely a plus.  However, when I finish a book I have to figure out if I really want to read that book.  I do the same things that a publisher does, if the first few chapters don’t hook me I put it aside until later.

  3. New Authors

    The final benefit is that I find new authors who are really good.  Some of these authors are new to me or they are really new.

It doesn’t always work out well, I thought that all of the work and none of the issues would be on the side of the authors, but I have learned that there are some things that I did not know:

  1. Reviewers take the books and don’t provide reviews.

    My understanding is that this is really the least of the issue.  Some authors have had their books sold, copied of used agains them to make the books unsaleable. I didn’t realize this actually happen.  I have trouble keeping up with my reviews, but to cause problems with the authors, I don’t understand.

Now the problems I have are :

  1. Being creative in the book review
  2. keeping track of the correct book that matches the correct book.
  3. Checking other sites in order to make sure that
    1. I am not being overtly harsh
    2. I didn’t miss something

I really do enjoy reading the book and writing the book reviews.  I hope that any authors reading this will help me by providing comments of the book that I am reviewing.

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