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There are really a lot ways to find books to review.  I have only been paid three times for a book review. Not much though!  I have an issue with this because I brought this topic up on a social media site and several authors went up in arms. While some book reviewers agreed with me.  . . . .Another post!

This is where I find books:

  1. Netgalley

This is a book review site that charges publications to put their books on the site and allow them to choose reviewers to download the e-galley.

2. Bookbub

This site offers books at a discounted price or free to

  1. Emails from Marketers
  2. Authors

These books are emailed to me by authors and public relation marketers.  Usually it includes a blog tour that they are setting up for their author.

There are other ways and sometimes I will receive requests from “friends” on a social media site.  However if you do write book reviews please make sure you have a firm policy in place!!


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