Sheldon Friedman

After the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor in 1941, American lives change dramatically. The Satin Sash continues the breathtaking lives of Travis Kane, Lindsay Wayne and Jean-Paul Renault with all the inherent dangers of the French Resistance, President Roosevelt’s live or die missions, and death defying action when German spies secretly enter the US through it’s ports. A wedding reception and the lives of Travis Kane and his family are thrown into chaos as America enters World War II.

The Satin Sash is set against the explosive backgrounds of New York, France, London and Ireland. Travis Kane becomes President Roosevelt’s tool in bringing one of the world’s most famous paintings to New York. Racial tensions surface. A famous black activist enters politics and an actress makes choices in the face of heartbreaking tragedy. A public enemy serves his country in wartime and a black artist becomes famous. When a baby is born the future shows promise.


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Sheldon Friedman’s new book The Satin Sash, published in April 2017,  is now available on Amazon in hard back and for Kindle, as well as other E-Book web sites. The book is a sequel to The Velvet Prison, also available in hardback and Kindle on Amazon and other E-Book web sites. It is the second book in a trilogy. The Velvet Prison is a finalist in Best of Colorado Authors’ League fiction for 2016.

The Satin Sash is filled with tension, suspense and surprising plot twists, we continue to follow the lives of the people we loved in The Velvet Prison. The story is a good addition to this series and I think that it would be an great read!


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