Rabbi Small Mysteries

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 3.16.34 PMRabbi Small Mysteries by Harry Kemelman


Rabbi Small mysteries are wonderful story.  This mystery’s main character is a Rabbi who works in a small town in Massachusetts.  The story series follows Rabbi as a young man all the through until he retires and takes up teaching. Rabbi Small, a conservative Rabbi who overseas the spiritual direction of his people until they get into a  disagreement as to that direction, which causes his job to be jeopardy. On the flip side Rabbi Small is friends with the local chief and helps solve crimes.

Book Review

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This is a wonderful series.  I started reading it almost 20 years ago. Unfortunately, I went through the entire series and COULD NOT believe that the series had ended. Well, it had because the author had died, very sad.  However, I found that Amazon has the book series for sale on its site and was so happy.

The site Bookbub.com had the book listed on its free and discounted books list.  I could not believe it!  The entire series is for sale, which I was very happy to see. At one point after I found the series, I could not find any for sale.  Now they are all for sale, which I would recommend that you go out and buy!

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