She’s Still There! Rescuing the Girl in You

Screenshot 2017-07-25 15.47.47She’s Still there

by Chrystal Evan Hurst

Back History

I don’t usually write how I received a book, but I thought I would share this with all of you.

This book is written by the sister of one of my favorite Bible Teachers, Priscilla Shirer. (Some of you may have remembered her from The War Room).  About six or so (more or less) months ago I had discovered that her sister Chrystal Evan Hurst’ blog and a couple of her podcast.

I started to follow Ms. Hurst’s blog and she sent out a Google doc for people who interested in helping her with a book. Well, I wasn’t chosen to help with the book. Over the preceding months I looked for the book on the various sites that haunt for books to review. The book came up on Netgalley by a publisher who I don’t usually receive books from on a regular basis.  So I left it up to God, requested the book and I was selected to read and review it.  I used it for my morning devotion.


The book is a combination devotional/semi autobiography that discusse how we women go off track, FOR WHATEVER REASON.  She provides biblical passages to illustrates the concept that she illustrated during the chapter.

The book has several chapters which include remember, reflect, and respond section at the end of each chapter. No matter how you do it, you will need a Bible, Paper, & the Book.

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As you can tell, I REALLY ENJOYED THS BOOK! The book was great, so much so that I am going to talk with our small group director about doing a bible study with regards to the book.  There a couple of ways that I would use it at an online Bible Study.

  • Read the entire book, then complete each section or chapter as a group.
  • Reach each chapter and complete the Read, Response, and Reflection section
  • Read each section
    • Review the read, response & reflect section for each chapter.

The bible passages are both familiar and new. I was pleased because they brought me to parts of the Bible that I had either I hadn’t been to for a while or (I’m sorry to say) not a book that I have read.

Finally, I was glad it didn’t have a study guid. Maybe some people, but I liked going through the book with the questions at the end of the chapter and providing my own reflection.

However, Proverbs 31 ministry has designed a Bible Study around this book. I know that you will enjoy it and sincerely encourage you to buy and read the book AND attend the online P31 Bible Study.



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