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Screenshot 2017-07-02 19.36.05 Writing a book review may sound easy and without problems.  However, there are issues can cause people to determine that this is not a good site to leave a book or give a book with the hopes of getting good book review.

Why do Book Reviews?

In may case, I wanted book the latest and greatest books without having to pay for these books.  I sent all my favorite authors a letter asking them to send me their books and in exchange I would present them with an honest review about their book.

  1. Advanced Copies of Free Books

    The books are great, sometimes, and sometimes they are not so great.  Also people I don’t even know request a book review.  Then they don’t like my reviews or the fact that sometimes I change them because of information I find out later.  Hence, the reason I have a review policy.

  2.  Always have a Book to Read

    This is definitely a plus.  However, when I finish a book I have to figure out if I really want to read that book.  I do the same things that a publisher does, if the first few chapters don’t hook me I put it aside until later.

  3. New Authors

    The final benefit is that I find new authors who are really good.  Some of these authors are new to me or they are really new.

It doesn’t always work out well, I thought that all of the work and none of the issues would be on the side of the authors, but I have learned that there are some things that I did not know:

  1. Reviewers take the books and don’t provide reviews.

    My understanding is that this is really the least of the issue.  Some authors have had their books sold, copied of used agains them to make the books unsaleable. I didn’t realize this actually happen.  I have trouble keeping up with my reviews, but to cause problems with the authors, I don’t understand.

Now the problems I have are :

  1. Being creative in the book review
  2. keeping track of the correct book that matches the correct book.
  3. Checking other sites in order to make sure that
    1. I am not being overtly harsh
    2. I didn’t miss something

I really do enjoy reading the book and writing the book reviews.  I hope that any authors reading this will help me by providing comments of the book that I am reviewing.

Room for Doubt by Nancy Cole Silverman

Synopsisroom without a doubt

Reporter Carol Childs is called to a crime scene in the Hollywood Hills at five thirty in the morning, and she’s convinced this is a  publicity stunt to promote a new movie. The police are quick to rule it a suicide, but something doesn’t add up for Carol, espcially since someone named Mustang Sally confesses to the murder on the air and threatens to kill again.

Book Review and 4.0 rating

This book was not as good as the previous one because it seemed as if she was following a trend that I have seen in other cozy mysteries.  The idea of the psychic was okay, because this is her friend.  This book however seemed to follow along with her job as a reporter.  This was cool!

A New Book in the Tourist Trap Series

killer partyKiller Party by Lynn Cahoon


A gang of old high school friends meet in South Cove, California for bachelor party.  Jill Gardner is attending as the guest of her boyfriend Greg, her new live in boyfriend and roommate.

After a few months of living with her boyfriend Greg, Jill is still getting used to sharing such close quarters, and now she is getting to know a group of his high school friends. Greg and his college pals celebrate their buddy’s upcoming wedding, right up until the time the groom to be is found floating facedown in the pool,  Jill is getting to know her boyfriend’s friends better than she thought she would as she investigates who killed Greg’s friends.

Meanwhile, Jill’s aunt is acting a bit strange, especially since the doctors want her to come in for some tests.  Not to mention Aunt Jackie isn’t sure about the new employee, either.  So much going on and you won’t guess who the killer is!  I”m not going to tell, either

Book Review  and 4.8 stars

I liked the story!  I think the whole series is great!  This story seems to be more about tying up some loose ends and setting us up for some interesting happenings in the future.  Check it out, you will love it!!

The Essential Carl Mahogany

Internal dialogue to match Nick Hornby at his best, and external dialogue that’s reminiscent of early Don DeLillo. Rarely have I seen so much wit mingle so comfortably with such an honest portrayal of rural America’s anarchic spirit.”  Gregory Hill, Author of East of Denver, The Lonesome Trials of Johnny Riles and a Colorado Book Award recipient

Screenshot 2017-07-15 13.31.12
What can an award-winning Nashville singer-songwriter learn about himself by agreeing to a best-of tour in a beat up old van? If it means getting out from under the thumb of a label that considers him washed up, he’s willing to find out.  At least until an ex-lover wants to come along for the ride.
Carl Mahogany’s not your average protagonist. In the practiced drawl of the aging country singer, and echoing Edward Abbey’s Henry Lightcap, Boddicker takes us across the country in an Americana-steeped journey through Mahogany’s roots. Encounters with old friends and lovers, including the Eisenhower Interstate System, a firecracker tenured professor, former bandmates, and a down-to-earth small town mechanic, shake the dust out of Mahogany’s creases to revision his life.


If a lifetime of travel, songwriting and performing equates to learning to work with the monsters inside us, The Essential Carl Mahogany is that journey. Grab a six pack, settle into the cushions, and come along for the ride.



Praise for The Essential Carl Mahogany


“With internal dialogue to match Nick Hornby at his best (see High Fidelity), and external dialogue that’s reminiscent of early Don DeLillo (See Great Jones Street, possibly the only musician-novel that I dare to compare to this one), author Zach Boddicker has crafted an elegant, oddball, and unapologetically funny tale of ex-Nashville, ex-famous, and ex-boyfriend Carl Mahogany and his existential mission to recover his soul in a tumbleweed junction on the Great Plains of Eastern Colorado. Rarely have I seen so much wit mingle so comfortably with such an honest portrayal of rural America’s anarchic spirit.”

Gregory Hill – author East of Denver, The Lonesome Trials of Johnny Riles, Colorado Book Award recipient



“The story of a successful country songwriter trying his best to live a hassle-free existence, of which he is only marginally successful. Full of great dialogue, humorous observations and dry wit, The Essential Carl Mahogany is a strong debut.”

— Chris Auman,  Reglar Wiglar Magazine

Zach Boddicker

Zach Boddicker grew up living the country life north of Laporte, Colorado.  Ever more interested in rock bands and art than hunting, sports and other traditional red-blooded American activities, it was when he finally got his hands on a guitar that his journey into a life of music was catapulted into action.

In his formative years, Boddicker listened to and learned from everything he could get his hands on, but found direction one Monday night at a poignant performance at The Continental Club in Austin, Tex. by country guitar legend Junior Brown. This steered the author and musician toward honky-tonk, country and western swing.

Boddicker holds a B.A. in English and a MFA in Fiction from Colorado State University, which have proven useful for his endeavors into publishing. In 2014, his short story “Equipment” was published in “A Decade of Country Hits: Art on the Rural Frontier(Jap Sam Books / M12 Studio). His first book “The Essential Carl Mahogany” (2017), which has been deemed evocative of Nick Hornby, Hunter S. Thompson and Don DeLillo, is the first novel to be published by M12 Studio / Last Chance Press.
In addition to his work as an author, Boddicker has been a staple of the Roots Music scene along the Front Range for 20 years as a member of 4H Royalty, Cowboy Dave Band, Drag the River, and many others. He currently resides in Denver with his wife and two daughters. 

 Stay current on all of the author’s updates and appearances at CarlMahogany.com

Zach Boddicker

Author Links below:

Author Website: http://CarlMahogany.com

Why this . . . . is a good thing?

This blog title will become a regular title in my blog on this day.  Why this . . . . is a good thing?  The . . . . will be where I put an event, piece of technology or another related item to this blog.  I hoping that I will present a well researched item that works well in the classroom, presentation or some other kind of professional development.

The world, oh the world.  This week I have been Skyping with individuals in Asia.  This means that I am talking in real world time with individuals who live in an Asian country, a place that my daughter travelled literally 24 hours to visit.

I am in the process of turning my skills into something else.  Something that I can do over the Internet in a remote position, where I can earn an annual salary and a bit more.  Not only that but I want to some traveling, but I want to do it six months out of the year and then spend the rest of the year up in the mountains.

God is fighting my battle right now and I am planning on this life!!!

Book Review: A Stardance Summer

Screenshot 2017-07-03 22.06.05A Stardance Summer by Emily March

Book Synopsis:

Return to the beloved small town of Eternity Springs.
Brick Callahan enjoys every minute of chaos at his campground, Stardance Ranch, especially after the Tornado Alleycats arrive for an extended summer stay. The members of the all-female glamorous camping club are primarily seniors—active and adventurous, friendly and fun, until he discovers Liliana Howe  The last person Liliana expects to find running an RV resort is her high school crush. Now What?

Book Review:  Screenshot 2017-07-02 19.36.05 Screenshot 2017-07-02 19.36.05Screenshot 2017-07-02 19.36.05Screenshot 2017-07-02 19.36.05

I want to state something right off!  I am not a big fan of romance novels.

HOWEVER, I did like this book and when I grow up I am going to join the Tornado Alleycats and wander through the United States with them.  The romance is there for those who love romance.  Ms. March did a great job in developing the characters in this story and Lil and Brick do a lot of growing up , emotionally in this story.

Although the book is part of a sequel, this book can be read as a stand alone and you really won’t miss having read the first book.

Book Review: Indian Summer


Screenshot 2017-07-02 19.56.29Indian Summer by Marcia Willet


Some memories can be forgotten…and should be forgotten. Some memories just won’t . . . ever go away. Author Marcia Willett comes out with a magnificent new novel, Indian Summer.

Actor Sir Mungo, his quiet home village in Devon provides the perfect retreat. His brother and his wife live close by, which makes the rural location of his home the ideal getaway for his old friends in London.

Kit comes to stay for the summer, bringing with her a letter from her first and only love, Jake, and a broken heart.  Years have passed . . . and now he has written to Kit asking to meet again.

Book Review   Screenshot 2017-07-02 19.36.05  Screenshot 2017-07-02 19.36.05  Screenshot 2017-07-02 19.36.05  Screenshot 2017-07-02 19.36.05  + Screenshot 2017-07-02 19.36.05 (4.1)

A nice Marcia Willett story.  It’s like meeting up with an old friend, as I read the books. Her characters come alive and she describes the countryside and houses so you think that you  are there. Indian Summer is about a group who have been friends for years, secrets they keep from each other. A great read!


Let’s Salute the Week!

Let’s Salute the Week!!

Welcome!  Welcome!  The day is Sunday and it beginning of the week.  I know that a log of you will be reading this on Monday.

Book Reviews:  

Screenshot 2017-07-02 19.36.05

So many books to read!  So many Blog Tours!  There are so many

parts to this aspect of writing a book review!


aid15870-v4-728px-Improve-Your-Writing-Skills-Step-19-Version-3Writing Skills

This week will begin writing skills and parts of the book. These are all the things I want to do for my writing skills.  Every year, not just 2015, but every year since!!!



Book ReviewsScreenshot 2017-07-02 19.36.05

There will be at least four book reviews and several blog tours this month.  This is one area that I love.  Reading!! Find something you love and figure out a way to get paid for it.  Please respond to the blog with comments!!



Have a GREAT Week!!!

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