Book Review: Balancing Act

Rita Bellamy has had great success as an author, but it came at the expense of her marriage. Now she’s starting over in a small lakeside cottage, slowly rebuilding the confidence that was shattered.

Dory has moved to Washington D.C. to be with Griff.  This should be the beginning of an exciting new chapter in Dory’s life. Yet there are adjustments too, and sacrifices she never expected. And soon Dory must weigh the price of love against everything she hoped to gain. .

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This is a hard book to read, because Ms. Michaels writes in such a real manner.  It is almost as if your next door neighbor, your best friend or you are going through this section of the journey in life.  It is so hard!  So be prepared to live in your head and deal with the MC problems and you will come out of  it . . .

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