An Introduction to Joanne Fluke

Joanne Fluke (courtesy of her website)

Joanne Fischmann is an American author using the pen name Joanne Fluke.  She is known for her Cozy Mystery series and for her Four Movies for the Hallmark Channel. Joanne’s other pseudonym are John Fisher R.J. Fisher, Jo Gibson, Chris Hunter, Gina Jackson and Katharyn Kirkwood.  Ms. Fluke started her writing career in 1980 by writing young adult horror stories under the name of JO Gibson. In 2000, she started writing the Hannah Swensen’s Cozy Mystery series.

Ms. Fluke has written 42 books.  They will not all be reviewed on this site, just the books listed which were received from NetGalley.

The following books by Joanne Fluke were received from Netgalley via their publication in exchange for an honest review.   The number represents where in the series the book is placed. Just so you know I have actually read all of her books.

17. Blackberry Pie Murder

19. Wedding Cake Murder

21. Banana Crème Pie Murder

22. Raspberry Danish Murder

23. Christmas Cake Murder

24. Chocolate Cream Pie Murder

Non- Hannah Swensen books written by Jo Gibson

               The Step Child

               Winter Chill

Mystery Thriller Week

May 13-23, 2019 will be the week to view all the different sub categories of Mystery. There is a slot where where I would like you to click and read my columns for Cozy Mysteries. It has taken me a long time to understand that I really like this sub genre of mystery.

I am a member of Sisters in Crime-National and Colorado. I am also a member of Society of Children’s Writers and Illustrators. I have manucript started for both types of material for each organization.

My cozy mystery is about a former teacher who left teaching because of bad decisions, miscarriage and death. The first book is an introduction to form the backstory. After that the stories will incoporate the proganist’s Mom, Dad and the rest of the family. I hope it goes over big.

The manuscript for picture books has a working title of “Backyard Zoo”.

Stay tuned!!

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