Mystery Book Giveaway

Grand prize (all 11 books): Michelle Dragalin
TOXIC TOFFEE by Amanda Flower – Shanna Alley
STEAMED OPEN by Barbara Ross – Wendy Lee
A BODY IN THE BACKYARD by Elizabeth Spann Craig- Joanne Merrill
A CUP OF HOLIDAY FEAR by Ellie Alexander – Cherry Darche, Carolyn O’Hare, and Dawn Lehnert
WORD TO THE WISE by Jenn McKinlay – Kimberlee Sams
DEATH IN A BUDAPEST BUTTERFLY by Julia Buckley – MaryJo Edgar
SHOT THROUGH THE HEARTH by Kate Carlisle – Marcia Cramer
THE DIVA SWEETENS THE PIE by Krista Davis – Deana Dale
CHAI ANOTHER DAY by Leslie Budewitz – Katherine Lenzovich
A PLAIN VANILLA MURDER by Susan Wittig Albert – Doris Jackson
SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT by Vicki Delany – Joanna Schaab

I couldn’t believe that I had won all 11 books!. I filled out the form and sent it in and forgot about it. I don’t win things like that or maybe I would bet one. I’m very excited that I won all ELEVEN of them. Considering I like all of the authors listed and keep up with their series. Here is the link to the contest if you are curious: and according to Susan Albert-Wittig’s blog Kate Carlisle supplies the idea.

Some of you may or may not be asking yourself now: Don’t you have those books?

The answer is: Yes and No

The books I have are all e-books, these are actually books. I’m so excited!!!

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