Journey Back to Health

A one-armed bandit is what I refer to myself at this point in my life.  I am a victim of sedentary lifestyle which is the newest and most deadly disease. It is the new smoking., I have come down with three things associated with a sedentary lifestyle: obesity, decrease in skeletal muscle mass, plus, anxiety and depression associated with sedentary lifestyle. Now am on the journey back to health, thanks to a broken arm. This will be included in the online education because I work at home and this an area that isn’t discussed very often. This is the negative side of working at home.

As I stated above, I broke my arm as a result of fall in my home. I tripped over something, a small growth of arthritis in my left leg which causes my leg to lock at the most inconvenient times. Since my balance is off and my leg won’t move I fall. I have done this several times, hurting my hand, arm or just cause embarrassment. Unfortunately, in this case I fell, hit the edge of the wall and fractured my shoulder.   

I have a Humeral Head fracture. Right now, my arm is in a sling. I will have a CT scan in order to determine if there are any other injuries to my arm.


My arm is in a sling, I’m on pain pills and ice is my new best friend.  I’m very happy that m working at home so I can take meds as needed, rest as needed, and just do what I need to do without having to work it out with anyone else.

 The flip side is that I don’t believe that I would have fallen if I worked outside the house. I believe that I would not be living this sedentary life.  The most activity that I do or did was to walk my dog. I eat a lot.  Now I have a litany of illnesses and physical ailments that I can trace back to its origin or when I started working full time here at the house.

The sedentary lifestyle is the new smoking and is the type of lifestyle involving little or no physical activity. A person living sedentary lifestyle engages in activities like reading, using mobile phone or computer for much of the day. It means light movement. This may contribute

  • to anxiety and depression
  • certain cancers  cardiovascular disease   
  • coronary heart disease  
  • overweight or obese
  • decease in skeletal muscle mass
  • high blood pressure an elevated cholesterol

So, follow me and we will see how it comes to pass. My first goal is to make significant improvement by January 31, 2020. I will post about this every week. k.

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