Reviewing Books

What is an opinion?

More than just reading a book and giving your opinion

As a teacher I often tell my students that an opinion is something that a person says to you with facts that support their belief. According to Miriam Webster and opinion is

“a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge. i.e. I’m writing to voice my opinion on an issue of great importance”

I’ve always wanted to be a book reviewer because I thought it would be a great way to get books to read for free. However,it really isn’t free because

  1. there are times I really don’t like the book or don’t know why I like the book.
  2. A review is needed in multiple locations
  3. the amount of time involve.

In any case:

My purpose as a book reviewer is to write a review to convinces you (the reader and hopefully a long term follower) that I read the book and I am giving you an honest account of the book. In addition, I send the book reviews to various outlets so that the publishers and book review sites will keep me on their list and send me more books. Finally, I hope to develop a well respected blog that may earn me some money by convincing author’s and publishers that my blog is the place to be and have a review written. (Yes the almighty dollar rears it’s ugly head) Long term goals yes, but the main purpose still remains I live books and wan them to stay in the society so that people will read them even if it is in a ebook (which I use). I just consider reading to be such an important skill for all of us to have and we should all read for pleasure.

This is why I started to write reviews and got involved in the world of book reviews. However, I was recovering from and didn’t allow myself the grief process to run its course, so I became depressed overweight and angry (mainly at God because this is not where I was supposed to be; another blog) I like books and I like my blog. I want to get back to where marketers and publishing companies were sending me notices about their upcoming books.

Stay tuned!!!

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