Third Book Review in the Mystery Thriller Week

The Semester of Discontent


Cynthia Kuhn


English professor Lila Maclean is so excited to be working  Stonedale University, that is until she finds one of her colleagues dead.   Lila—or someone she is protecting— is considered a person of interest.  So much so that anyone connected to her is a suspect.  As a result she decides that she find out identity of the killer. 

Unfortunately, there is more than one attack and more professors die and the only connection is a symbol at each of the crime scenes. A symbol that no will explain to Lila, so as she gathers  evidence,  an unexpected enemy, a suspicious investigator, and a secret society. impede her investigation.  It would have helped if people would just answer her questions.   

My opinion and rating 4.8

I really like this story!  The reason I liked the story is two-fold, the author Cynthia Kuhn has (almost) the career that I would like.  She is a writer and university professor, I would like to be a full-time writer and remote university professor.  The other reason is the main character, Lila Maclean, is so well written. I mean everything that the main character says and does is very realistic.  I can see it happening as it unfolds.  Consequently, I read the book almost straight through.  I just love it when I find a new writer to follow! 

This book is highly recommended by me and I hope a lot of people enjoy Lila Maclean as much as I did.

The fourth review is coming soon!  Also, during the Mystery Thriller Week I will be posting interviews from most of the authors’ in the book review series. logo1

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Second Book Review in the Mystery Thriller Week

Expired Listings by D.M. Barr

Synopsis     DMBarr_ExpiredListings_HR.jpg.jpg

The Realtors in Rock Canyon are being killed, the police and especially other Realtors aren’t really that upset about the situation.  After all, there is less completion for them and more commissions.Dana Black is the only one who cares that these people are being killed  especially since all the evidence seems to indicate that she is main person of interest in the case. It really does’t help that she doesn’t have an albi.  Oh my!

My opinion and rating of 4.0

I have to say from the get go, I don’t really like to read romances, sexually explicit stories and quite frankly I think that the bedroom door should remain closed.  I am just to young to learn new sexual games and positions.

Now let’s move on; I did, however, enjoy learning about the world of realty, very interesting.  I really hadn’t realized that Realtors can be be that aggressive, which actually makes me a tad nervous given that we have received three offers to sell our house for us and, who have clients that are interested in buying.  We haven’t looked into selling our house and won’t for at least three more years. In addition, we haven’t contacted any of these Realtors.  However, I digress, I do think people who can get past the explicit sex and are way more experienced then I am will like this book. Considering how many times I had to close my eyes while I read the story, I could tell the writing is great, the story flowed along nicely and provided some very interesting scenarios.

Stay tuned for the next installment oflogo1

book reviews!

I was given this book in return for an honest review.

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Appreciation Week

Week ending October 6, 2018

Appreciation Time

Verse of the Week:

John 14:27: “I leave peace with you, I give you My peace. I don’t give it to you as the world gives it. Don’t feel troubled or afraid


Harvest what you sow!

Time to Decide What Goals Should be Completed:

The Fourth Quarter for the year 2018 has started.  W3 have just finished the first full week of this Fourth quarter. As a result, there are 12 weeks left to determine what and how you would like to end 2018.

I chose the above verse, because one of the ways that you can determine how to end the year would be to sow what you want harvest by December 31, 2018. To help you decide to ask yourself “What can I do to reap a good harvest?” or determine what it is your want or need to accomplish and reach out to someone else.  This will boomerang a harvest back at you.

I know what I want to reap before the end of this year.  However, I have spent a lot of time writing and telling myself what I want, what I need and why when I have been working so hard it hasn’t been happening?  Well, John 14:27 has given me my answer.

Now I need to find people who want what I want and help them get it without being prideful.

Give it a go and have a great week!!

Distance Education

Distance education is a growing trend in education and training and is therefore, rapidly transforming the field of training that companies will offer their employees as well as, education for students birth to 100. The defined of distance education “as institution-based, formal education where the leaning group is separate, and here interactive telecommunications systems are used to connect learners, resources, and instructors (Simonson, Smaldiino, & Zvacek, 2015) provides a basis for what distance education. However, the definition should also include “separated by geography and sometimes time (Laureate Education, n.d.)”. As both a student and my career as an educator has been impacted by distance education.

The four components of distance education:
A. Instructionally based
B. Separation of Teacher and Student
C. Interactive telecommunications
D. Sharing of data, voice, and video experiences (Simonson, Smaldiino, & Zvacek, 2015)

Are part of my experience in education, first as a student I received my degree in special education by attending weekly classes at a local school, where the instructor was visible to us on a large screen. Not only did he instruct our group of students, but another group of student in another city. We all received the same lecture and as stated in the definition, we received the same resources. If a student wanted to speak during the discussion or ask a question, we had to push button that allowed both groups and the instructor to hear the comment or question. The class was conducted in real time. All of our assignments were sent via email and tests were in the classroom or via computer.

Next as a freelance educator, I conduct lessons with individual students or groups of students in real time, but they are in another part of the country and world. In addition, all other communication is completed via email or a special app. I develop curriculum and work as an adjunct professor for a institution in Florida. I developed the material for the class and recently did a Facebook live as an introduction to the class. Methods of delivery do not limit themselves to a large screen or a video camera, but also Google hangout, zoom, and Facebook just to name a few. In addition, I have conducted webinars (both synchronously and asynchronous ly) as part of professional development for other educators in the US.

Distance education provides a cost effective means for individuals to learn and study at their own pace, with the assistance of real time instructor who can answer questions, provide materials and help them to progress with their education or training. I think Dr. Simonson is correct in his view that distance education will become the “traditional method” of education and training for the next generation.


Distance Learning Timeline Continuum. Laureate Education (Producer) n.d. Distance Education: The next

generation (Video file)

Simonson, M., Smaldiino, S., & Zvacek, S. (2015) Teaching and Learning at a Distance: Foundations of Distance

Education (6th Ed) Information Age Publishing, Inc.

Writer’s Blog: As a writer I . . . .


Writer’s Notebook: Biographies, Alphabet books, Backyard Zoo and Guinea Pigs

I love to share information that I have picked up on writer’s journey and help other writers.  I am not famous.  I am not well known.  I just like to help.

guest blog.jpgIn this blog, I would like to share some ideas that help me as a writer.  The picture above illustrates what my desk looks like; I have books on all the above topic.  I suffer a bit from ADD, and so I need to be able to turn my attention from one subject to another.  I also keep the information in my writer’s notebook.  Recently a favorite singer of mine had his backpack stolen, he said that of all the things inside the one item he really misses is his song journal.  I can relate, my writer’s notebook is a journal that I keep all my information in regarding my projects. If it were to go missing, I would lose a lot of research, data and various quotes that I have developed or have received from other authors.  Also, it holds information from my contacts at 12×12, Critique groups, and Social media groups.  My writer’s notebook is priceless, someone else would probably toss it in the nearest dumpster. All this information gets transferred to my calendar, files and other areas. Yet the original information all stays in my notebook for my reference. My little desk behind me holds the material I need for my work.

Stages of a Story Development

Each story in development is at different stages, also, I include research for my online work.

GP WRiters.jpg

A story in development has various stages.  The most important is the stage where I need to fully concentrate on that particular story.  Right now I am working a story about guinea pigs.

The place I love to work at is the library.  There is an enclosed room with a whiteboard that I can spread out on and work.  Everything is available, and there is no distraction, plus it has a small cafe and easy access if I need a book or some help from a friendly library.  On the desk, I have my laptop, which doubles as a tablet, a kindle, and tablet plus water and time.     This way I can focus on one subject at a time, did I mention the room is enclosed!!!

My desk at home often looks like this:

A Mess!!

Writing is a process, a development there are many areas that a person must take into consideration they develop and write a story.

In conclusion:

Find out what works for you and organize your life to suit you!  Work for yourself and in a way that suits you!  My way works for me because I need to move, yet have all my stuff centrally located for when I am online teaching or meeting with people.

Develop your environment to suit yourself!!               

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