Third Book Review in the Mystery Thriller Week

The Semester of Discontent by Cynthia Kuhn Synopsis English professor Lila Maclean is so excited to be working  Stonedale University, that is until she finds one of her colleagues dead.   Lila—or someone she is protecting— is considered a person of interest.  So much so that anyone connected to her is a suspect.  As a … More Third Book Review in the Mystery Thriller Week

Second Book Review in the Mystery Thriller Week

Expired Listings by D.M. Barr Synopsis      The Realtors in Rock Canyon are being killed, the police and especially other Realtors aren’t really that upset about the situation.  After all, there is less completion for them and more commissions.Dana Black is the only one who cares that these people are being killed  especially since … More Second Book Review in the Mystery Thriller Week

Appreciation Week

Week ending October 6, 2018 Appreciation Time Verse of the Week: John 14:27: “I leave peace with you, I give you My peace. I don’t give it to you as the world gives it. Don’t feel troubled or afraid   Harvest what you sow! Time to Decide What Goals Should be Completed: The Fourth Quarter … More Appreciation Week

Distance Education

Distance education is a growing trend in education and training and is therefore, rapidly transforming the field of training that companies will offer their employees as well as, education for students birth to 100. The defined of distance education “as institution-based, formal education where the leaning group is separate, and here interactive telecommunications systems are … More Distance Education