The Technology of Writing

The world of writing is becoming more and more

md-symboltechnological, so much so that in addition to having a pencil and piece of paper, the laptop has to have a program or free

pictures to help make the post more visually appealing.  A

mystery series that I really like touts itself as a futuristic

series.  Well,  I have noticed that in the past few books that the author has begun to include some devices that we use in our day-to-day world (i.e. tablet and virtual devices).  It is really quite interesting to see these devices included in the futuristic novel.

The next few months I will be blogging about 20 different apps that writers should be using in their work.  Keep in mind that I will not receive any compensation from these blogs, at least not now.  I will let you know if this changes.

Thursdays will become Technology Thursdays, I hope you enjoy them.


MTW Book Reviews #12, #13, and #14


I was given an ARC from Henery Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review of all of Ritter Ames’ books. In addition, during the week of Mystery Thriller Week I will be posting an interview of the author.

Counterfeit Conspiracies (A Bodies of Art Mystery Book #1) by Ritter Ames


This is Ritter Ames first book in her Bodies of Art Series and was a fascinating read for me.

Laurel Beacham, who is the main character,  is an art recovery expert. She knows how identify and put together an art piece that would put any art thief to shame.  Laurel was born in the lap of luxury, but her father lost the fortune due to gambling anscreen-shot-2017-01-25-at-11-33-27-pm-1d drinking.  She works for the Beacham Foundation because she loves art and feels the need for it to be returned to its rightful owners. This assignment has not gone according to plan since her boss called off her vacation and sent her on this disastrous mission. While she is on assignment, Jack Hawke’s appears and some more opportune moments and helps her get out of some tough situations.

My Opinion and Rating 4.2

This book was a great read and is a real page turner.  I’m not sure about Jack, he just seemed to a little out their for me, but the plot was fast paced with some adventure, murder, guns blazing and some interest characters.  The characters, Laurel and Jack were fun to read about and it will be interesting to see how they develop.  In addition, there was Nico who assists Laurel in her recovery cases. He is definitely a tech genius that provides tools for Laurel as well as transportation.

Marked Masters (A Bodies of Art Mystery Book #2) by Ritter Ames


In Ritter Ames’ second book in the A Bodies of Art Mystery Book,  Laurel has been promoted to the head position of the London branch and has solved a case, but she can begin to enjoy her  success before she is  involved in a much larger case WITH the enigmatic Jack Hawkes as her partner.   The   action in Marked Masters made it impossible to put down for long as the characters and excitement provide the reader with lots of reason to continue reading this wonder full book.  I highly recommend it!

My Opinion and Rating 4.5

I liked this book a little better as is evident by the rating, but that doesn’t mean the first book wasn’t good.  I enjoyed both books and sincerely encourage individuals to read the series as it continues to develop. The main item I liked was that laurel can take care of herself and while it is nice to have Jack around, Laurel knows how to handle herself.

Abstract Alias (A Bodies of Art Mystery Book #3) by Ritter Ames


screen-shot-2017-01-25-at-11-33-34-pmLaurel Beachum and  her team are still on the trail of a mega art heist, but the suspects are nowhere to be found.  After a while, during a New Year’s Eve celebration in London, two of  the suspects shows up  at the party.  The suspect also find Laurel and Jack in the crowd within minutes of the other, and now a chain of events take them from  London to Florence and eventually ending in Cologne.  Instead of trying to find the missing art, suddenly the case include a rash of forgeries, deaths and a kidnapping.

The characters of Laurel and Jack are developed more in this story and we find out more about their background and families.  It is very interesting.

My Opinion and Rating 4.6

This book is a real page turner and will keep you up late at night because of the surprises that Ms. Ames places   at some very interesting places in the story. This book s a wonderfully written,  a fast paced mystery that will grab and hold your attention.   While the first two books in this series are well written, entertaining reads, this one provides a lot of background information.  I strongly encourage you to read all of this series!!

Second Book Review in the Mystery Thriller Week

Expired Listings by D.M. Barr

Synopsis     DMBarr_ExpiredListings_HR.jpg.jpg

The Realtors in Rock Canyon are being killed, the police and especially other Realtors aren’t really that upset about the situation.  After all, there is less completion for them and more commissions.Dana Black is the only one who cares that these people are being killed  especially since all the evidence seems to indicate that she is main person of interest in the case. It really does’t help that she doesn’t have an albi.  Oh my!

My opinion and rating of 4.0

I have to say from the get go, I don’t really like to read romances, sexually explicit stories and quite frankly I think that the bedroom door should remain closed.  I am just to young to learn new sexual games and positions.

Now let’s move on; I did, however, enjoy learning about the world of realty, very interesting.  I really hadn’t realized that Realtors can be be that aggressive, which actually makes me a tad nervous given that we have received three offers to sell our house for us and, who have clients that are interested in buying.  We haven’t looked into selling our house and won’t for at least three more years. In addition, we haven’t contacted any of these Realtors.  However, I digress, I do think people who can get past the explicit sex and are way more experienced then I am will like this book. Considering how many times I had to close my eyes while I read the story, I could tell the writing is great, the story flowed along nicely and provided some very interesting scenarios.

Stay tuned for the next installment oflogo1

book reviews!

I was given this book in return for an honest review.

Let’s Salute the Week!

Salute the Week!!

The week has begun in a new month.  December is here and the holidays will beginning soon.  In addition, my family will not be together this holiday, for the first time and I am not sure how that will work out for all of us.

Yesterday I posted about Mystery Thriller Week and it received a lot of traffic.  Thank you everyone!!

This week will include some new reviews, one will be the connection an online Bible Study I am involved with P31 ministries.  I will be working on it this week, connecting with an author and establishing a podcast.  I would like to connect it to my blogs.

IN addition, this will the week that I will be exploring how authors are using technology to promote their work and produce their work using technology.

Hopefully it will be an interesting week!!  Let’s salute the week!

In Recognition of Week 32

“Be grateful for the tiny details of your life and make room for unexpected and beautiful blessings.”

This past week was the first full week of training, getting to know new co workers and learning new lessons. Each day was solid  and exciting day.  Some of the people I have not seen for over a year, some I worked with in my previous school district and some are new and nice people.

It has been an educational week.  I have learned that leaving a different school district doens’t have to be detailed and told in a negative way.  It can be done in  pleasant, postive and happy manner. bus[1]

Week of Training:

  • New ways to use technology with the students and and to help with the massive amount of paperwork.
  • All of the things a special educator needs to do in the first 30 days of school.  Not the first 30 days when the students arrive, but when the teachers start back to school.
  • The various items, school structure and routines, methods of communications and various types of curriculum.

Getting to Know New/Old Co Workers:

  • Are you sharing a room with another person?
  • Did you move into a new position, but at the same school or are you at a different school?
  • New/Old?

Learning New Lessons:

  • What wonderful things? What problems?  What are you going to do this year to make it a better year?
  • Relationship with the students this year?

In Preperation of Week 33

This week we are supposed to get the technology for classroom, student list and a variety of other things that I am not sure of, but it should be very interesting.

I am looking forward to using some new types of technology (websites, use of software, technology) this week because i want to get my room together, rituals and routinesthe_ultimate_transformer_by_handdrawndragonestablished so that Week 34 will be a GREAT  start to the first week of school.

The above activities are all related to technology can be used in the classroom.  I have skipped over the history of our schools for today. I am very excited to show you these items and how to use them in the classroom.  I will be preseting information and technology at the same time.  The historical apsect of your own school equally important.



The Reader

I know that I don’t have a lot of followers.  People who regularly read my blog and comment on it.  I would like that, I really world, but I like to write.  When I was younger I used to read the columns in the paper.  Someday, I told myself, someday I would write a column and just like Erma Bombeck, people all of over the world would read my columns.  then they would read my books, they would read for advice on how to use technology in the classroom for children who needed extra help.  We all that assertive technology.  Readers would read about how to use technology to enhance their lessons and come back for more.  It would happen.

Really, it will happen.

Today I want to talk about my passions, I like to read (A LOT), I like to write, I like to read and write mysteries (women’s fiction, spiritual, devotions, children’s non fiction, children’s non fiction historical, professional books, cozy, series, some thrillers and futuristic I johnny-automatic-man-using-binoculars-2like to use different types of technology and I like to teach.  IN addition, I will show you curriculum that I like to design using technology, modifies for students with disabilities and items that special educators may find interesting.

Some people might say those are a  lot of passions, but I believe that God gave me all of those passions.  Now he is reminding me that I need to discipline myself and share my passions with other people. Also, safe to say I won’t be writing about all of them everyday, just some of them everyday.

He gave me a job as a special educator and special education coordinator where I currently teach at on a daily basis. Since I like to learn I will share what I learn with you and what I have already learned and how I use them.

He has reminded me of the path I want to take with my education.

He has reminded me how much I liked technology when I was a child.  A student in school I would help all of my teachers with their technology.  Only then we called it audio visual equipment.

As you read my blog, I will write about all of the above items.  I would like you to comment and let me know what you think. 

Netgalley Reviews

This is the website where I receive e-books for the privilege of reviewing them for more badges. I am not being sarcastic, I have really received some good books. I have also become acquainted with some new authors. These authors have also been really nice about contacting me. The publishers have had their marketing directors email me directly so that I can receive advanced news of advanced copies.

Now I realize how well they have held up their end and this is the year that I am a woman of integrity. I will get through these book and raise my book review rate to 80%,

Thanks Netgalley for all of the great books! I will become a great reviewer.

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