Book Review: Cluttered Attic Secrets

Synopsis Professional organizer Tina Shaw rushes to her best friend’s ancestral home to determine if Leslie really saw a ghost. Tina doesn’t see one in the cluttered Newport, Rhode Island, Victorian attic, but she does hear strange noises. As she tries to reassure Leslie, the police and firefighters arrive because a murdered man has been … More Book Review: Cluttered Attic Secrets

Book Review: Nic & Nigel Mysteries by Tracy Kiely

 A Perfect Manhattan Murder Synopsis Thrilled that their playwright friend’s Broadway debut was a rousing success, Nic and Nigel are trying to enjoy the A-list after-party with their pal Harper. Unfortunately, all the champagne and repartee in the world aren’t enough to overlook the churlish behavior of Harper’s theater-critic husband, Dan. (Not a nice person) … More Book Review: Nic & Nigel Mysteries by Tracy Kiely