Michelle Dragalin’s Bio

As a result of my years of educational experience and training, I have several areas of academic strength in which I have been able to help my students progress in various subjects.   I have taught/tutored students from age 3 to the age of 21, students who are at the pre primer level through college. These students were in my classroom or I worked with them, online or in person, as to help them improve their skill development in areas where they were deficient. In addition, I have worked as an after school tutor for students who want to work on increasing their performance level in the classroom.

Specific summary of my academic areas of strengths:
Reading: Fluency, Letter recognition,  Decoding, Phonics (initial, middle, ending)
¥ penmanship: formation, spacing (manuscript and cursive),
¥ sentence structure (i.e. subject, predicate, grammar),
¥ paragraph structure (i.e. topic sentence, supporting details and a concluding sentence)
¥ essay structure (Intro: hook, thesis statement, “road map”; Body; evidence and support; conclusion wrap up of all ideas);
¥ Essay type
¥ 5-paragraph Essay
¥ Argumentative Essay
¥ Cause and Effect Essay
¥ Comparison Essay
¥ Critical Essay
¥ Deductive Essay
¥ Informal Essay
¥ Narrative Essay
¥ Personal Essay
¥ Persuasive Essay
¥ Research Essay
¥ Response Essay
¥ Writing Styles
¥ Chicago Style
History: American History, Women’s History, African-American History, Military history
All Areas
Middle School:
All Areas
High School:
Algebra 1
Study Skills:  
Note taking
acronyms and mnemonics,
effective reading;
PQRST: Preview, Question, Read, Summary, Test
concentration techniques:
rehearsal and rote learning
visual imagery
efficient note taking
mind maps
Time management
Green: topics to be studied first; important and also simple
Amber: topics to be studied next; important but time-consuming
Red: lowest priority; complex and not vital.
Test Preparation
Learning to read the instruction/directions:
Black-Red-Green method:
BLAck  instructions:  something that clearly must be done;
REd is a REference Point or REquired input of some kind, usually to do with definitions, terms, cited authors, theory, etc.
GREen denotes GREmlins,   a hint on how to proceed, or where to place the emphasis in answers
Key word Vocabulary: students would underline or highlight key words in the directions; part of the black-red-green method.
Time management

Highest Level of Math
all areas
Middle School:
all areas
High School:
Algebra 1

Position Hours and placement:

The position I am looking for would be to work approximately 25 hours a week, plus travel time during the summer and school year.

However, if I were to work via Skype or Zoom, I would like to work up to 35 hours.  This format allows me to work with the child/student in the home, which cuts down on the traffic time for both of us and allows the students to have everything on their desk.    

Part time:  25 hours a week between 10-3 during the summer
     25 hours a week between  3-7 during the school year
-Occasional Saturday between 10-3 during the entire year

I would be willing to work the following hours on line: (zoom or Skype)
35 hours a week between 10-4 during the summer
35 hours a week between  3-8 during the school year
-Every Saturday between 10-3 during the entire year

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