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  • E-Mail Information: Please contact me, if you would like to send a book to review at michelle(.)dragalin2(at)gmail(dot)com. I will do my best to respond as soon as possible.  If you are interested in posting any of my reviews or content on your site, please contact me beforehand as I reserve the right to determine where my material is posted. Finally, all of my work is my own, if you would like to hire me for whatever service I have listed you can contact me at the email listed. 
  • Curriculum Material:  The material I develop is solely mine own creation and falls under copyright protection.  At times it will be free and other times it will have a cost.  The materials are not created during the time, use any materials from or in anyway connected to the school or districts where I work. All of my curriculum materials is connected to my Teacher Pay Teachers Store.  
  •  Portfolio: This is a collection of material, courses, presentations and other items that I have developed. This is an area to give my clients an idea of what I am capable of doing and the quality of my work.
Tutoring: I do offer online tutoring services at varying prices.  I do showcase what I can do and my level of expertise in those areas. 
  •   Teachers Store: I will showcase my work from my stores, yes I have two stores (Teacher Pay Teacher & Teacher Notebook) for my own reasons.  At times, I will share a link for a free product.  I will also advertise my material on this blog.

  • Author Interviews/Guest Posts/Blog Tours: I love hosting authors and being part of blog tours. I would love to consider your author interview/guest post/blog tour if I feel the book is appropriate The Educational Technology Site and if my schedule allows. Please contact me for more information. 
  • My Book Review Posts: When I review a book, it is strictly my opinion. Currently, I am using book picture to illustrate stars.  Posts that I write are researched, but they also include my personal opinion, as well as, the references I use to create the post.   I ed to writing and review different genres, as such, I reserve the right to edit any of my posts at any time. Thoughts I share in my posts and reviews are mine alone and do not reflect those of my employer.
  • Disclosure: Sometimes I may receive books and/or Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) to share, but I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my posts. If I choose to receive some type of monetary compensation I will list that information in the post. The views in opinions expressed on this blog are solely my own, not the schools’ or school district’s where I work. The books I share are books I believe provide valuable information and would make a good read aloud for students.  The professional development books I share I also believe will help individuals who are interested in utilizing technology in the classroom. Finally, all information I share are posted with an eye to how I would eventually use it it in the classroom or further a teachers development.

DISCLAIMER: I am a product of my personal learning network and my thoughts are impacted by the many people locally and virtually with whom I have contact. However, the views expressed here in this blog are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of anyone else.Having “disclaimed,” let me add that blogging is more a conversation than mere reflection, and I enjoy receiving and replying to comments to this blog. Blogs work best when commenting occurs. We assume that we’re all grown-ups here, so any comments people leave should be reasonably civil and productive. I reserve the right to moderate or remove comments if there’s a problem, although I’m pleased to say that there’s never been an issue so far!
Take the time to get to know me through my blog, and please give me feedback on what you find!

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