Starting a New Quarter

January represents, to many of us, a new quarter, trimester, to be soon followed by a celebrations of a 100 days of school. This year began with my husband recovering from a severe injury,  a funeral, debt collectors and a call from a bails bondsmen. 
Dear Past,
Thank you for all of the lessons!
Dear Future,
I am ready!
The year has started out with a bang! When I saw this quote, (worry don’t know who wrote it)  but this is how I am viewing the upcoming month, especially this year. The year began because of past decision, but it will change this year. 2016 had been a confusing year, to say the least.  I believe that I have followed my Lord, but I also know that I have not been obedient as I should be this year. Consequently  . . .
One of the most important lessons I’m taking into 2017 . . . 
If you can’t do anything about it, then let it go. Don’t be a prisoner to things you can’t change.  (Tony Gaskin)
In addition, a new quarter, many educators will be receiving an intent letter.  Will you be going back?  What will you teach? Then you have to return it by a February date. This does not mean that you will be asked back, but the powers that be want to know if you will be returning.

I haven’t made any decisions about this decision.  I know what I want to be doing this time next year.  I know what needs to happen in order of this to occur. 
When you reflect on the new quarter, keep all of these items in mind.  Remember, the students still need to be taught and the quality of your teaching will reflect your emotional state. 

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Have a great quarter!!

Let’s Salute the Week (and the New Year)

This promises to be a very busy week!  I am so happy that it is 2017.  I realized that there was a 6 in 2016, go figure.  I spent the whole year without realizing that and it probably is because I spent so much time inside my head thinking negative thoughts.  
This year I am going to spend every day battling negativity by reading the “Battlefield of the Mind” by Joyce Meyer. In addition, I have the tapes, Action Plan and now I am reviewing her newest editing of the Bible “The Battlefield of the Mind Study Bible”.  I am finding it very helpful with my thought process.
As bad as 2016, there are several things I am grateful for:

  1. My church is a praying church and we have some great prayer warriors.
  2. My husband  is a good man.
  3. My parents love and care about me.
  4. There are several people on my Facebook who I have known personally for a very long time.  It is great to go into private messaging when we can’t get together.
  5. God allows U – turns.
  6. My son and daughter communicate with us, their parents, regularly.
  7. People are generally good, even when they are accusing me of something that I am not or have not down. I learned this year that God will take care of them when I LEAVE it with him.  It was a hard lesson to learn. (I am not talking about revenge on my part).
  8. Technology is my friend, even when it it doesn’t work the way I want it to.
  9. The 12 days of Christmas by Julie Hedlund.  I really thought about this year and I didn’t want really think I had anything to be grateful for (because I screwed up in just about area of my life), but I found when I went to church today and was embraced by my church family.
  10. I will constantly tell myself and remind myself of the lessons I have learned this year

  This year I will be keeping track of my gratitude in this jar.  

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The past 8 days I have been working on my reflections for this past year, 2016.  Tomorrow I will list some of the things I want to achieve this year.  Things I know I can because my main priority is to be financially solvent by the end of 2017.

Everyone lets make this a great new year and wonderful, positive time.

My word for this year is diligent.  

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