February 2021: I’m Back

My last post was in December 2019. I’m no different than anyone else, 2020 was a year I will choose to forget and it ranks right up there with 2009 when I had cancer. 2020 consisted of finding out that my body is getting old and I did not know how to help myself.

I had a series of falls that resulted in fractured shoulder, smashed wrist, bruised elbow, sprained shoulder and contusions on my pinky, elbow and head. In addition, I had started eating what I shouldn’t eat, six years ago I was diagnosed with celiac disease.

Now I am on the mend and its a brand new month.

This month I will be reading the following books (plus more):

Forgiving What You Can’t Forget By Lysa TerKeurst I will share the book review when I am finished and let you know what I think. Some of you may have completed her bible study of the same name. If so , let me know what you think AFTER I post tthe review. Don’t worry I’ll remind you!

James Liu’s e-Book, “How To Get Your Own Students Online And Charge What You’re Worth,”

He has a Facebook page plus a 21 day challenge to help individual who what to teach online and earn money. I am also part of another group where I am in the process of writing a curriculum .

Take Joy by Jane Yolen. This book is almost out of print. I was able to get used book (and I o mean used) So far I’m really enjoying the book.


Challenged to Change Group with Nicki Koziarz

A 40 day journey that I will share, my challenge is to follow my planner: I can do this!!

Flooded: The 5 Best Decisions to Make When Life is Hard and Doubt is Rising by Nicki Koziarz  | Mar 16, 2021

I am part of the launch team for this book.

All of thebooks I mentioned above will have their own blog posts in the near future.

I’m back and better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mentor Books: Good/Bad

“A mentor text is a written piece used in education as an example of quality writing used by an individual to illustrate a genre or text.” (ehow.com/about_5324946_mentor_text.html (2016)

Artists use other paintings and drawings to learn techniques. Teachers follow other teachers around to learn their styles. People use models of like material or models that represent something that they want to create. Writers in and out of the classroom are no different, they need inspiration, a good model or just an idea so that they can make their  improve their manuscript

I spent a lot of time looking at webinars to find the best approach and presentation.  However, I noted that in one of my presentations, it wasn’t very good and needed to understand the problem.  People who use mentor text in a similar method in order to help them correct a problem that they may be having with their manuscript.  I know that when I have attended trainings in the past most of the presenters encourage people to underline or take notes as they read a book.  I know that I have done that! I have found a passage or way the author has written a scene and wrote down my interpretation of the author’s style. I DO NOT COPY IT!

Copying a style of writing, it is just copying.  When you see how a writer has written a manuscript in a genre or trying to find a good rhyme,  it is good to take notes and use it for future or  current manuscripts.  Ralph Fletcher encourages the use of mentor texts in his books, when teaching during writing workshop. Reading for research is a month long “challenge” to read various types of mentor texts and blog posts on all different kinds of genre and techniques.  I didn’t really get into this year, but I will be going through it on my own at a leisurely pace.  What I really want to do is include the technology so that I can save my notes, the books and keep it handy for curriculum materials.

In the next coming months, I will be developing curriculum materials with one eye on educational technology and the other eye on working a skill or technique into a writing lesson.

Netgalley Reviews

This is the website where I receive e-books for the privilege of reviewing them for more badges. I am not being sarcastic, I have really received some good books. I have also become acquainted with some new authors. These authors have also been really nice about contacting me. The publishers have had their marketing directors email me directly so that I can receive advanced news of advanced copies.

Now I realize how well they have held up their end and this is the year that I am a woman of integrity. I will get through these book and raise my book review rate to 80%,

Thanks Netgalley for all of the great books! I will become a great reviewer.

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